About me

Who am I?

I am a super lucky man. I’m very grateful because I live each day wonderful stories and I meet amazing people. My job is really a gift because I share, by your side one of the better and happiest moment of your lives.

Having the ability to create photos of these gold moments makes me very happy and grateful. I love film photography because the way of shooting is different and all the process is more authentic. The photos are timeless and the imperfections gives more reality to theses photos, I love that.  

I’m of a rather discreet character, and I enjoy observing those who surround me. The photo-report style suits me best because I like to make myself invisible and let naturalness take over. That is how I obtain more spontaneous and soulful pictures. I always dedicate myself wholeheartedly to anything I undertake and I build unique ties with each couple I work with. That is the type of relationship I like working around, and my soon-to-be married couples as well. They feel more confident that way and therefore candidly offer their best expressions on my pictures.