About me

Who am I?

First of all I am someone who is extremely fond of good food! I love thinking about what I will have for dinner, even though I am currently eating lunch, and I love falling asleep thinking about the next day’s breakfast. I love the smells at lunch time when I pass my neighborhood’s restaurants and food trucks, and regret not being able to immortalize them. I also love travelling, and discovering other cultures – and other cuisines – other ways of thinking and seeing the world. I like seeing the positive side of every situation, and I like to think that positive energies bring you positivity in return.

I especially love it when the groom-to-be tells me he will not cry, and he actually bursts into tears when he sees his bride walk up the aisle in church. I’m of a rather discreet character, and I enjoy observing those who surround me. The photo-report style suits me best because I like to make myself invisible and let naturalness take over. That is how I obtain more spontaneous and soulful pictures. I always dedicate myself wholeheartedly to anything I undertake and I build unique ties with each couple I work with. That is the type of relationship I like working around, and my soon-to-be married couples as well. They feel more confident that way and therefore candidly offer their best expressions on my pictures.