Discover the elegance of Château de Villette for Weddings


Nestled in the beautiful French countryside near Paris, Château de Villette stands as a true symbol of history and elegance. Built in the 17th century, this architectural gem has been home to numerous French aristocratic families over the centuries. Its exquisite design, influenced by French classical architecture, reflects its illustrious past. The château has hosted eminent personalities, artists, and intellectuals throughout its history, adding a dimension of prestige and refinement to its legacy. Today, Château de Villette continues to captivate visitors with its timeless charm and enchanting ambiance, providing an idyllic setting for prestigious events and sumptuous weddings.

Entrance of the luxury Chateau de Villette France

Through the Lens : The Photographer's Perspective

Château de Villette offers an exceptional backdrop for unforgettable wedding photos. With its meticulously manicured French gardens, stunning historic façades, and sumptuous interiors, every corner of this estate provides a breathtaking setting for elegant portraits and romantic scenes. Whether in the grand salons adorned with frescoes, the majestic hallways bathed in natural light, or the picturesque gardens dotted with fountains and statues, each moment captured here promises to be imbued with grace and refinement. Furthermore, the diversity of settings allows couples to vary the ambiance and create a gallery of photos as varied as it is beautiful.

If you’re considering getting married at Château de Villette, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me ! I’d love to be there to create your dream wedding photos.