Fine Art wedding photographer Paris

Because life is unique, I feel very grateful to be able to create memories for people.
I enjoy capturing life and telling stories with my camera.
Do you like luminous photos, with natural expressions and no poses or eccentric set-ups?
Spontaneity and emotion are the two elements which catch my attention and drive me to trigger the camera.

About me

I will guide you through your search for a wedding photographer in the most honest and sincere possible way. I will ensure you find the best photographer for you, the one who will best correspond you, even if that person is not me. You will find many useful information in the ”Frequently asked questions” below.

Your wedding is unique

Because you both are unique – in the way you interact with each other, look at each other, touch each other, it is of capital importance for me to know you, in order to faithfully tell your story with my pictures. Contact me to book a first meeting. I will be delighted to learn more about you, your story and your wedding, and help you get the shots you dream of.

More informations?

More informations?